"If you have children but are unsure about how to go about sorting out the arrangements regarding where they should live following a separation or how often they see the other parent, then you should contact us to discuss how you should proceed. "
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At Greens, our specialist family law solicitors Birmingham & Worcester can help you with any issues which arise in respect of your children. As with our other services we offer bespoke fees for all Children cases.

Child Arrangements

We will always encourage our clients to reach agreements in relation to the arrangements for their children. However, if you cannot then the Courts will impose solutions for you. Like financial remedy cases there is a clear process and we will guide you through it.

A child arrangements order sets out the times when your children will be with you or the other parent. It is also possible if agreements cannot be reached to apply to the Court for decisions on education, healthcare and any other matters concerning the children.

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Internal and International relocation of children

If you want to move to another part of England and Wales or to another jurisdiction with your children you will need the consent of anyone else holding parental responsibility or a Court order.

These applications are the hardest fought as neither parent wants to be many miles distant from their children but sometimes there are good reasons to move away. We have experience of acting for parents on both sides of the fence and will do everything we can to achieve a fair outcome either through negotiation or Court proceedings.

Emergency Applications

It is sometimes necessary to make urgent applications for parents of children. This can happen where there is a need to protect a child from the other parent or sometimes to achieve their return following agreed or Court ordered contact for example. If you are worried about your children in the care of the other parent at Greens we have the expertise to take quick and decisive action where necessary. We have good relationships with our local Courts and support agencies and are able to get you the help you need quickly.

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