Greens Solicitors was established by Julie Maguire and Khizar Hyatt in December 2008.

Greens Solicitors specialises predominantly in both public and private law Family. We also deal with all areas of criminal law and Mediation both Family and Commercial.

Greens Solicitors has grown significantly since it was established with over 150 years’ worth of experience with the dedicated team employed by us.

We strive ourselves on being extremely professional, knowledgeable, matter of fact no nonsense speaking law firm which also offers competitive rates. Our aim is to make the process as less stressful as possible for our clients.

Our aim is to grow further over the coming years and our mission is to remain to be the best at what we do.

Latest News

Re-set your Mindset- focus on the positives

In honour of mental health awareness day on 10th October 2020, I write this article about re-adjusting your mindset, a healthy mind means happy soul. Your mind must be healthy to enable your body and soul to follow suit. It’s true what they say that what we hear and see being reported in the news, […]