Voluntary Accommodation of Children with a Local Authority

Under certain circumstances the local authority has a duty to accommodate children under Section 20 of the Children Act 1989.

On the case of Coventry City Council -v- C,B, CA and CH from 2012 the Judge hearing the case confirmed that as good practice in future a Section 20 agreement must be clear, precise, recorded and signed by the parent. If a parent does not speak fluent English, the document must be translated.

Most parents can become confused in knowing that Section 20 is a temporary and voluntarily measure and that as parents they have the right to withdraw at any time under s20(8) and the agreement should not impose on the rights of the parent.

If you are having any dealings with Children’s Services at the moment, and a Section 20 agreement is being proposed, please contact our offices on 0121 233 2042 and we would be happy to help.