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Ten Questions To Ask A Separation Solicitor

Ten Questions To Ask A Separation Solicitor

A separation solicitor could help those thinking about divorce. Separating from your partner is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. It is an emotional time for both individuals and when there are children involved, it’s tougher. Talking to a solicitor can be daunting, especially when it comes to making a separation final. So, what questions […]

Greens Solicitors can help you in cases involving childcare

Within Childcare Proceedings there are a number of instances where one needs to act in an emergency situation, more particularly upon an application from the Local Authority.

The first instance is in relation to what is known as an Emergency Protection Order.  This is an emergency measure which can authorise the Local Authority through the sanction of the Court to remove a child from a home in order for them to be put in a place of safety or to prevent a child being removed from a place of safety for example, a hospital or Local Authority accommodation.  These applications are usually at very short notice (a matter of hours) and can often take place outside normal hours.

At Greens Solicitors, we have a specialist team who are on call at short notice to enable you to be represented at these extremely important Hearings which could result in the removal of your child.

A similar emergency application relates to what is known as an Interim Care Order which usually one is given more notice of, and again can be only a matter of days or even hours.

An interim Care Order gives the Local Authority parental responsibility for a child and enables the Local Authority to remove the child from their home if they feel that that is in the child’s best interests.  Again, Greens Solicitors have an expert team who are experienced in dealing with these applications and representing clients at these Hearings.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in whatever shape or form can never be justified.

Many people think that domestic violence merely consists of physical violence.

This is not the case as the agreed definition of domestic violence includes not only physical violence but also any form of controlling or coercive behaviour, including not only harassment but intimidation.

Domestic violence is vastly underreported.  If you are suffering domestic violence in whatever form, protection can be obtained.

In many cases where the notification to the perpetrator that you are intending to take action to protect yourself might itself result in further violence, then Orders can be put in place without you having to notify them so that protection can be put in place immediately.

At Greens Solicitors, we have the expertise and sensitivity to deal with your concerns in a confidential and safe environment and to ensure that you obtain the protection that you need.


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