Children’s Social Services Solicitors

The team of children’s social services solicitors at Greens Solicitors can help and support you through a wide range of child protection cases.

Care protection cases can be frightening. They are difficult and stressful, and if social services become involved it can quickly become overwhelming. Plus, there are , so many meetings and so many people to deal with. That’s why you should instruct a specialist  solicitor.

Our team will be there to guide and support you through the process. They can give you practical, clear advice that will give you the best chances of success in your case.

When To Call A Specialist Solicitor

You should contact a solicitor as soon as a social worker first gets in touch with you. The solicitor can then attend meetings with you, ensuring you and your child’s best interests are represented from the start.

In a care proceedings case (this is when the local authority applies a court order on your children) we will represent you at court hearings. We will make sure your best interests and opinions are heard, striving to ensure you have a workable contact arrangement with your children if they are not living with you.

Can A Solicitor Help With Complex Cases?

In short, yes. Complex cases are when it is most essential to instruct a specialist solicitor.

The team  at Greens Solicitors has a huge amount of experience helping parents and family members with cases involving children. They have experience with a range of allegations, for example, allegations of abuse or shaken baby syndrome. They are also able to represent the child in a care proceedings case.

A Note on Section 20 Agreements…

If your local authority is concerned about the welfare of your children, they may ask you to agree to the children being looked after by someone else temporarily. This is done with the intent of protecting the children, whilst any concerns are investigated. This is called a “section 20 agreement”.

When presented with this situation, many people feel pressured into agreeing. However, the arrangement is voluntary and you do not have to agree to your children being taken out of your care. If your local authority has instigated this process, it is important to speak to a solicitor as soon as possible, to discuss your options.

Need Help?

If you need help navigating social services, child protection orders or section 20 agreements, our lawyers can help. Just get in touch.