We have all heard the phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” or the alternative version in the Shining…

However, it is important to find that balance between work and personal life. It is so easy in jobs and roles like ours, dealing with the subject matter we work in, to allow our work to be all-consuming. Feelings I think we all had during lockdown!

Sometimes it’s important to look after you!

I spend a lot of my days drafting statements/ applications and talking to parents who have been accused of injuring their children or are addicted to substances, who love their children so much but are unable to care for them. Sometimes you sit there, and no one is immune, becoming bogged down in the subject material on occasion. I know it happens to me sometimes, and when it does I try and find something to do which makes me feel good. It could be that glass of wine in the garden, or more likely, a strong session in the gym to work out the stress of the day. I may moan about having to go there (to the gym not to the wine) but I always feel so much better afterwards and find myself able to tackle the next day and whatever that day wants to throw at me!

It pays to remember; we all need to switch off occasionally and make sure that we put as much effort into looking after ourselves as we do into helping and assisting our clients!