Throughout our lives many people will feel the effects of being stressed whether this be at work or at home.

To help raise awareness about this issue, April is the designated month for stress awareness. Many people that go through the experience of being stressed tend not to do anything about it, they will bury their head and plough through whatever they are doing to try and get to the other side, but this is not a healthy way to deal with stress. 

Many contributing factors to stress are feeling isolated, overwhelmed or trying to take on too many things at the same time. Feeling this way can have a serious impact on your mental health and finding ways to deal with this is paramount to preventing yourself from feeling worse. There are ways to effectively handle stress so that it doesn’t have to control or affect you. The best way to combat stress is to have discussions with people about the causes of the stress. It has been found that engaging in conversation about what is bothering you or stressing you out is a way of offloading. 

A great resource to check out during Stress Awareness Month is the Stress Management Society ( who are there to help and support you in finding ways to manage and handle the stresses of everyday life. They explain how everyone deals and handles stress in different ways and have created a community into sharing the ways in which various people have been able to manage the issues causing them to feel stressed. The most important thing is to allow yourself time in your day to relax or engage in a hobby as well as regular exercising. 

The Stress Management Society also have created a programme to help understand and recognise stress, breathe your way to calm, get a better nights sleep and manage your stress at work. They also offer free consultations for businesses to see whether stress is an issue within your workplace.