Raising money for Legal Charities with a 10km walk!

by Charlotte Wilson

On Monday 4th October myself and my colleague embarked on a 10km walk to help raise money for various legal charities around the Midlands. I myself am part of an organisation called MLST (Midland Lawyers Support Trust) who organise the event and who are part of the Access to Justice Foundation. The walk raises money for those charities and services, who struggle to get government funding and would most likely have to stop operating, and so many people rely on the support of these organisations.

Feeling confident, and despite the weather, we started our journey from No5 Chambers down through the Jewellery Quarter and down the canal. It soon became apparent (as my colleague and I had done a test run a couple of weeks before) that we had in fact walked the old route for the legal walk…

The walk is usually done in the summertime however, due to COVID this had not been possible. Upon 5pm hitting, the heavens opened and the rain was torrential, but it did stop before we started. Praying the weather would stay dry as we walked on, about 20 minutes from the finish the rain resumed. It could have been miserable to walk the rest of the way in the rain, but everyone doing the walk just got on with it and didn’t complain until we reached the warm and comforting arms of the pub on Curzon Street which marked our finish point and a cold glass of wine greeted us for our efforts.

It was one of the first events that I have participated in since COVID and it was good to see some old familiar faces and some new ones. No one minded the weather and there was a general air of relief that things almost seemed back to normal.

Look at our happy smiling faces!