by Charlotte Wilson

In honour of National Pet Month, I would like to introduce Monty, who is my faithful assistant when I am working from home – because I really like my cat and so should everyone else 🙂

Monty is around 15 years old and I adopted him after his previous family moved house and did not take him with him. I have had him for 8 years and he is a chunk but he is my chunk.

BBQ chickenLoud noises
Belly rubsFish (?!)
Head scratchesSharing attention
SleepingStaying awake for more than one hour at a time

Appraisal of Job Performance: 

Strengths Areas that require improvement 
Insanely cute and fluffyPoor knowledge of filing system; has a tendency to just knock paper on to the floor
Always arrives on timeWork ethic needs improvement; sleeps 20 hours a day and does not get much done
Does not make much noiseOccasionally gets distracted and starts playing with toys during Teams Meetings.
Boosts moral

Personable – great with people.