Greens Solicitors Support Macmillan Coffee Morning

by Rafia Altaf

The risk of developing certain cancers can be reduced by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Controlling the following factors can greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer:

• Not smoking
• Limiting alcohol intake
• Regularly exercising
• Maintaining a healthy weight
• Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables
• Limiting your consumption of processed meat and red meat
• Reducing your exposure to direct sunlight

Cancer prevention is defined as active measures to decrease cancer risk. A large number of cancer cases are caused by environmental factors, many of which are controllable by lifestyle choices.

However not all environmental causes are controllable, such as naturally occurring background radiation and cancers caused through hereditary genetic disorders.

Macmillan Cancer Support is a leading charity which provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.

We at Greens Solicitors support ‘Macmillan Cancer Support’ by participating in ‘Macmillan Coffee Morning.’ All members of staff are required to enter a competition which puts their baking skills to the test! The cakes are judged in two ways, the best looking cake and the best tasting cake…

Whilst judging a cake, what would you say is important?

a) The visual presentation of a cake?
b) The actual taste and texture of the cake?

I must say my vote would be for the taste and texture of the cake, there is nothing worse than a cake that looks mouth wateringly delicious only for you to tuck in and find it is tasteless!

Please watch this space for updates on our ‘Macmillan Coffee Morning’ which will take place on Thursday 23rd September 2021.