Whilst Christmas is a special time for many and the opportunity to catch up with family and friends,
for some, it can be a lonely time.

For the parent who does not have custody of their child and have the days that they are allowed to
see their child set out in Child Arrangement Order which does not allow them to see their child on
Christmas Day, it can be very hard, particularly as Christmas is often all about children.
For those that live alone and do not have family who visit it can also be a very lonely time.
Today I was watching GMB on ITV and was delighted to see the amount of minutes of their time that
the general public have donated. Time to share with someone else, it does not matter how little or
how often, it will make a difference to someone’s life. So far, more than 110 million minutes have
been pledged. Some of that time could be spent taking the time to telephoning as a one off or on a
regular basis to someone who is lonely and needs to chat, it could be volunteering your time to
anyone of the outreach programmes that need your help and who have contacted GMB for that
Time is so precious, imagine how important your time could be to help someone else?
Will you pledge your time?