On Tuesday, 18th April just after office closing, with trepidation, the Team from Greens set forth to
Boleros, armed only with a Quiz Team Name and some Brain Cells, to do battle with 9 other sides
from the Worcestershire legal fraternity.

Tania, Sophie, Olivia and Liz – otherwise known as ‘Legally Green’ (and yes, it took us all day to come
up with that…) took our places and argued over the most important issue. Who was going to write
the answers down. As is generally acknowledged, Liz is the most abnormal Lawyer you will ever
meet, and proof of this is the fact that you can actually read her writing, so, quill and ink in
hand….let battle commence..

Whilst all the other competitors were filling up their glasses, we warmed our brain cells up with the
Logo Picture round. No problems with the Chocolate, Coffee or animal food ones. Tania clearly is top
of the food chain as she knew the Lurpak Butter one.

The first four rounds of 8 questions, masterfully read out by Quiz master, well, maybe weren’t our
best rounds, Worcester History and Sports possibly our worst (Although fair play to Olivia and
Pershore Plums). Wallowing down the bottom half of the table when scores were on the doors. Oh
dear, we were not covering ourselves in glory.

Half time break with THE most glorious charcuterie board, we tried to be lady-like, but it was pigs in
a trough. Sophie wasn’t impressed with the figs, and only Liz would eat the caperberries (no one but
Liz knew what they were… but she is very odd)
Second half – come on Girls!!!! Brains in gear.

Food and Drink Yes! Off to a cracking start, we could feel the come back positive vibes starting –
what flavour is Cointreau – for those who don’t know, its orange (goes well in a Margarita)
Eurovision (How many times has UK won and who has won the most times????) and questions on
Law (Donoghue and Stevenson anyone???) and finally, best round of all, Song Lyrics, earworms for
the rest of the week!

So, how did we fair overall? Well, to be fair, the bar set by our Birmingham Colleagues was not too
high (‘you have to come better than 12 th … given that there were only 10 teams…..) as the teams
were called out, our nerves started to show, its less daunting appearing before a DFJ for a non-
compliance hearing !!!

Finally ‘and in third place…Legally Green’

Don’t ask us who came First and Second (although Congratulations) because, quite frankly, we
weren’t listening, but thank you to those who came 4th to 10th , for being strong enough to prop us

Thank you to everyone who took the time to arrange the evening, the questions were good fun and
we enjoyed ourselves, who knows, next year, we may even make it to second place!!!!!