Can you hear the horses?

Cause here they come.

It’s not every day I get to quote the mighty Florence and the Machine but this was too good an opportunity to miss. At this point you might be thinking ”what was?” which would be fair enough.

The answer is the office trip to Worcester races last Thursday. It was less of a journey for those from our Worcester office, it was good to see them on their home turf. Not that they spend all their time at the races, I hasten to add.

It was in the last century that I went to the races, in Chester, when I lost the princely sum of £5. However in those days you could but a house for that, and still have change for a bag of chips on the way home. This time, I was up £9.50, a distinct improvement. Take that global gambling industry!

At Worcester, some had spectacular wins, that we heard about, others small losses, that we didn’t. However I am sure everyone had a good time. I hadn’t been on an outing like this before this (shame!) and was wonderfully well looked after.

I had just got used to the general idea of the first circuit of the track being quite a bit slower than the second, and where the finishing post was, when It was time to leave. It was great to see so many colleagues outside the office, thanks to Faizan and Pia for organising everything.