The Maxim Justice for all is something we strongly adhere to and will actively promote.

This month an important new family practice direction has been issued which is aimed at
vulnerable adults and their participation in Court Proceedings.

The aim of the practice direction is to enable parties to participate fully in Court
Proceedings either as active participants or witnesses when, for whatever reason, they are
vulnerable, either through being a victim of domestic abuse or have issues of ill health.

The Court will be required to undertake a Participation Hearing so that measures can be
put in place to assist them to participate more effectively within court proceedings.

At Greens Solicitors we are always mindful of how participating in Court Proceedings can
be achieved and have access to a number of resources to achieve this including experts and
professionals, advocacy services and intermediaries.

Nobody should feel fearful or indeed disadvantaged in being able to participate effectively
within Court Proceedings whatever the reason.