The Importance of Child Protection Solicitors

Local authorities must safeguard and protect the welfare of children within the area. Sometimes, care proceedings are instigated by local authorities if they believe a child is suffering from/likely to suffer from serious harm.

A child protection solicitor is a specially-trained legal expert who can represent you through court action that arises as a result of child welfare concerns. At Greens Solicitors, we have a team of child protection solicitors who can help you through care proceedings.

Here are some reasons why child protection solicitors are so important.

Child Protection Conferences Are Overwhelming

A child protection conference is a meeting between parents, guardians, carers and Social Services. The conference might be arranged as a result of a Section 47 enquiry, which will be initiated if there is reasonable suspicion that a child is being abused or neglected.

During the conference, issues and concerns will be discussed. This helps Social Services workers decide on the next steps and what is in the best interests of the child.

These conferences can be incredibly overwhelming without the support and representation of a child protection solicitor. A child protection solicitor can act as an advisor through these meetings, and in some special cases, they might be able to speak on the parent’s behalf.

Care Proceedings Are Issued With Little Notice

Care proceedings are sometimes issued as a result of a crisis within a family. In circumstances like this, the court hearing will be arranged with very little notice. You must seek legal advice as soon as possible.

A child protection solicitor can be called in, even with minimal notice, to help advise and represent you at emergency hearings.

Child Protection Solicitors Can Help With A Wide Range of Cases

At Greens Solicitors, our child protection solicitors can work with all kinds of families on a range of cases, including:

Allegations of emotional, physical or sexual abuse

Medical cases, for example, accusations of shaken baby syndrome

Where parents have learning disabilities or addiction problems

Where parents are accused of neglect

Where children have disabilities or illnesses

Why Choose Greens Solicitors?

At Greens Solicitors we achieve and maintain the highest standards in family law, especially relating to children and criminal matters. Our team is handpicked to ensure we continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

We are here to advise you and to help you face the future with increased confidence.