So who is St George and what did he do? If you believe in folk lore then George slayed a dragon, however he became a Saint because he
refused to recant his Christian faith and became a venerated Saint and martyr. St George is also the Patron Saint of Venice, Genoa, Portugal, Ethiopia, Georgia,
Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Catalonia.
I understand that it is only our Monarch by way of a Royal Proclamation that can add a Bank Holiday to the calendar (this is normally on the advice of the Government of the Day), however perhaps our new King Charles III can request that all four British Saints are celebrated by way of a National Bank Holiday. Ireland and Scotland currently celebrate their Saints by way of a National Day and it would be nice if England and Wales could also have the same. For many people in England, St Georges Day remains an important symbol of English heritage and identity. For
many, displaying the English flag is a symbol and wearing a red rose, for me, I will wear my red rose with pride.
However you celebrate St Georges Day, enjoy your day!