Returning to Work in the Care Department

I have just returned to work following 7 months of maternity leave after having my first baby. Working in the legal sector as a full time mum is a challenge.

Before having a baby, I had no idea how pregnancy worked or how hard it is to juggle all the tasks being a mum required.

Being a solicitor in the care department and having a child of my own has made me truly appreciate how much a little person can mean the world to someone

I have had clients, young, old and from all walks of life that find parenting challenging. No matter how experienced you are, how many children you have, the mere thought of someone coming into your home to ‘provide support’ or in serious circumstances to ‘remove’ them must be terrifying.

For some situations this could be the best solution for a family, such help and support could be priceless. There are a number of ways the local authority can provide support, such as Child in Need plans and where a child is suffering harm or at risk of harm, child protection plans can be implemented. This involves all the different organisations and agencies involved with a child coming together to provide a support plan for a family. The plan is then monitored until all the concerns are addressed.

But what happens when things don’t get better and the local authority are going to issue court proceedings or they mention a “legal planning meeting”?

There are a number of routes that should and could be considered in these circumstances, removal isn’t always the only or the best answer.

If removal is necessary, could there be family members that could look after the child temporarily?

With proper legal advice all the options should be set out clearly and honestly. No legal jargon, just good honest legal advice. This is what we provide to our clients. Our Solicitors Birmingham are here to help