Positives of Lockdown

by Emma Browne

I personally am so grateful for the lockdown period and I know a lot of people feel the same. We were able to put our life on pause and really reflect and appreciate everything we took for granted every single day.

For those of us who were furloughed, it was a chance to slow down, recharge and spend time with family members in our house that would only get the usual ‘hi’ ‘bye’ in the rush to go to work or to go out.

I also know that for a lot of people lockdown has been really hard, whether that be because of a strain on their mental health, having no one to talk to, nothing to keep them distracted and the pure anxiety that the pandemic itself holds, or whether it be because they are still having to work, many of whom are on the front line.

I personally feel that this lockdown has opened up everyone’s eyes. I know that I am much more appreciative now of everything around me, whether it be my days off at the weekend, booking a table to go for a meal with my friends or just being able to get a KFC delivered to the door! It has also opened up the issue of mental health and I feel everyone has been so supportive of each other and we have a newfound respect and understanding of the difficulties everyone can experience and that it’s okay not to be okay!