Exactly 52 weeks ago today, I had to make some very tough decisions as a Director regarding the future of my business during the start of what can only be described as an awful pandemic.

Thankfully the decisions I made 52 weeks ago were the right decisions and I am pleased to say that my practice is going from strength to strength. We are expanding by taking on another half floor in our building and recruiting for Solicitors in both Public and Private Law.

What a year it has been though, from mask-wearing, constant washing of hands and being frightened to get too close to anyone. Will we ever stop these?

On a positive, this last year has enabled me to spend far more time with my husband and dogs, as I generally work away all week and return home at weekends and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed this. But on a negative note, I have really missed spending time with family and friends and of course going on holiday.

Having contracted Covid in January this year which left me hospitalised for a short time I am eternally grateful to the NHS for all of their assistance and to everyone who has stuck to the rules albeit in a better life-changing way or not.

We still all have challenges ahead but things are slowly getting better and the important thing is that we all stay positive.