National Drink Wine Day 2024

National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on February 18 th every year. This is not to
be confused with National Wine Day which is in May!
The day is an occasion to appreciate the joys of wine, be it red, white, rose or sparkling (that
will be my excuse when I open a bottle or two)!
So what will your choice be? White to go with something light, Rose (this does not count as
it is neither white nor red) or red to go with your Sunday roast? For me, it will be something
sparkling as I celebrate my 36 th Wedding Anniversary with my husband.
This week has been a week of celebrations; I celebrated 50 years since my husband, Martin
Allsopp, qualified as a solicitor and received his certificate from Lord Denning, Valentines
Day where we celebrated with bubbles, my son birthday, and last, our Anniversary, which we
will start celebrating on Sunday! I will have tried all the different grapes by the time Sunday
arrives; will this make me an expert, no, but I will have had fun trying all the different grape
varieties on offer!
So whatever your choice is, raise a glass and enjoy !