National Best Friends Day is on 8 June and began following a hearing by the US Congress in 1935.

A best friend is defined as a person’s closest friend. A best friend can be anyone from your old school friend, your new work colleague, your sibling, your parent, or your pet.

At Greens Solicitors, our staff define their best friend as someone who is a comrade, pure, reliable and a sister.

On this day you can spend time with your best friend in many ways. These can include going for a shopping trip, going out for food, watching a film in the cinema, or just spending the day at home relaxing with a cup of tea and your best friend for a good old chin wag.

Our staff love to belly laugh, reminisce, and enjoy spending time with their best friend whilst eating food.

Some of the benefits of having a best friend include them making us healthier, getting us through the ups and downs of life, they influence is in a good or bad way and they help us keep focus.

These can enrich our lives, create stronger social support which boosts happiness and improve self- confidence.

Happy National Best Friends Day!