National Armed Forces Day 30th June 2018

A day to recognise the important role that members of our armed forces play in keeping us all safe and to thank them and their families for all that they do.

Families can often be separated for long periods of time which is difficult for all involved. However, the bond of a family is not one that can be broken by distance.

Modern day families takes on many guises and more and more families are separated by long distances. The importance of families is not lost and is something that the Courts will try and ensure is maintained. It is easier than ever to keep in touch with loved ones, with Skype and Facetime, which ensures that the relationship can continue to develop.

As family lawyers we understand the difficulties families face. It is reassuring that the Courts are evolving to ensure that each family is considered in light of their own particular circumstances.

We are experienced in dealing with all family matters.