National apprentice week 2020

by Emma Browne

This week marks the annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships across England and Wales.

I personally joined Greens on a business admin apprenticeship after just finishing sixth form with no idea what career path to chose! My friends were off to university to become teachers and nurses and I felt behind and confused. After being accepted on the apprenticeship programme I began work in an office for the first time ever! I was so nervous and even scared to answer the phone (which my boss still reminds me about to this day). I done my apprenticeship alongside the job, I had a tutor who would come in to the office and observe me and I had tasks to complete. I quickly got the grasp of my role on reception and eventually after finishing my apprenticeship was promoted to an admin assistant for one of the busiest fee-earners! A year after being an admin assistant I then got promoted to a Paralegal within two different departments and am currently undertaking a Cilex course alongside my job to become a legal executive, which opens all the same doors as a solicitor.

I can’t stress enough how important apprenticeship programmes are! I am not an exam based person, I prefer the practical work and an apprenticeship allows you to be the best like everybody else, but in a way that suits you! In the 3-4 years my friends had been at university, I had gained full time employment within a well established firm, had 2 promotions, the opportunity of undertaking the Cilex course, 3 years of experience, 3 years of confidence building and as everyone knows, no uni debts to pay back!!! In my personal opinion, you can have all the grades in the world, but it’s hard work, experience and confidence that will get you through life and raw experience is something money cannot buy!