Mental Health Awareness week

This week (10 -15 May) Is Mental Health Awareness week.

The theme for the Mental Awareness week 2021 is ‘Nature.’

The last 12 months has really shown how important nature is for your mental health. Research from the Mental Health Foundation showed going for walks outside was one of our top coping strategies during the pandemic.

I personally, really enjoyed going for a walk each day and when there was nowhere else to go I began to appreciate all the wonderful nature that was on my doorstep and going for dog walks became something that I really looked forward to as I knew how good it was to get some fresh air and how it always made me feel better. It also made a really nice break from looking at screens.

This week, I aim to stop and enjoy the nature all around as I know how positive an impact it can have on my mental health and in turn how a positive mindset can help the people around me.\