We asked our wonderful colleagues at Greens what makes them happy! Take a look at some of the answers:

Pia Bhopal
‘Going home to Simba ( AKA my doggy, AKA my child)  everyday makes me happy’ 

Elizabeth Miles
‘Being able to walk to a view like this, smell the fresh air and clear my head. I feel very lucky that I live somewhere that I can do this and that I am able enjoy the peace and quiet. Lucky to have simply things that make me happy’

Tracey Allsopp
‘What makes me happy?  I love spring.  I love to see the crocus and daffodils appearing in the gardens.  It reminds me that we are coming out of winter and the lighter days are coming with sunshine and heat to follow. It lifts my spirits and adds to my wellbeing’.

Charlotte Wilson
‘8 hours sleep’

Harkeert Samra
‘My family makes me happy’

Faizan Sadiq
‘Watching horror movies makes me happy’

Tejwant Rai
‘Happiness is enjoying the simple things in life’


Julie Maguire
‘Happiness is not being in the office’

Ellie Vaughan
‘ Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks’

Ese Okoro

Grant Povey
‘Working with charming people’

Lauren Newton
‘Sunset or sunrise will always make me happy’

Sophie Godfrey
‘Spending money makes me happy’

Sophie Brookes
‘Drawing makes me happy, Id also say visiting art galleries but either for me!’

Julie Haden
‘Lying in the sun near the river listening to music. Bliss…………………!’