International Day of Happiness

The 20th March marks a day dedicated to something universally cherished yet can often
prove elusive: happiness. International Day of Happiness is a poignant reminder of the
significance of joy in our lives and the collective pursuit of well-being worldwide. Where
many of us around the world are faced with challenges, this day serves as a beacon of hope,
urging us to prioritise happiness and envelop a culture of positivity. International Day of
Happiness was established by The General Assembly of the United Nations on 12 July 2012
and is celebrated worldwide.
Happiness matters to us all and is a basic human need. Studies show that happiness can
improve physical health, longevity and enhanced creativity and productivity. On International
Day of Happiness, we can all make a difference by spreading joy, acts of kindness, big or
small which in turn can create a ripple effect, uplifting not only the recipient but also the
So try, not just today, this International Day of Happiness, but moving forward, follow some
simple steps to embrace happiness and spread positivity:
 Share the joy of this day with others.
 Do what makes you happy, make yourself a priority.
 Give and spread happiness to others – your act of kindness can help those around
As we celebrate International Day of Happiness, lets all recommit ourselves to looking out
not just for ourselves but to others. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “Happiness is not
something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”