Importance of exercise during the current lockdown

by Edward Malkin

All of us have been affected by the restrictions that have been implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether this be working from home, being furloughed or not being able to go out and socialise like we used to, the lockdown has had a massive impact on people’s routines and mental health.

With spring starting and summer on its way, getting out and doing some form of exercise is a fantastic way to boost your mood and set yourself achievable targets whilst we are still under governmental restrictions. Something as simple as going out for a walk for an hour has been proven to have physical and mental benefits to people’s health. For those that are working from home, it also allows you to have a break from work and get out in the fresh air. For those more advanced, going for runs or doing fitness routines may be more desirable as it pushes you to set yourself goals and strive to achieve a target.

For those that are currently shielding, there are various workouts and exercises that can be completed from home which have exactly the same effects. Things such as Yoga, Pilates or general home workouts that can be found on most social media pages. There are various apps for your phone or tablet which can be easily downloaded and followed at your own pace.

There has been scientific research that has proven that daily exercise, and fresh air has such a benefit for everyone. It boosts your mental health, can help with support your immune system and can help with creativity.

A lot of people will have experienced the negative impact to our mental health during the lockdown, and doing something as simple as going for a walk can help clear your thoughts and organise your mind. This will boost your mood and make you feel more productive throughout the day.

There are currently so many services online and on social media that are focused to helping you identify a fitness goal that is achievable for different people. It is well worth spending the time researching and engaging in them. This is the perfect time to reach the goals you have always wanted to reach and push yourself to being healthier.

Other ways to help elevate your general mood and boost productivity throughout the day, people have been setting themselves targets to achieve, such as re-organising their house, deep cleaning, or taking on a new hobby which has helped to keep their mind active and attention focused on a specific task. This also adds structure to the day and will ensure that you aren’t sitting around watching the world go by.