There are of course many ways in which the truth of a person’s financial position can be obtained other than through self-help.

Whilst it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands by intercepting their post or removing financial documents belonging to them, these kinds of actions can not only result in a civil claim for breach of the other party’s right to privacy and confidentiality being made against you, it’s possible for it to amount to a criminal offence.

If you do decide to pass on documents belonging to your spouse to your solicitor and they discover documents which are privileged they will have to recuse themselves from the case and you would have to seek another firm to represent you. Resulting in further repercussions for yourself.

The court could both refuse to admit improperly obtained evidence whilst also making a Costs Order against yourself on the basis of your conduct.

An experienced family law solicitor will be well versed in the tricks of the trade in achieving this and one of our family law team will be more than happy to assist you through any case. No matter the size, severity or mass of assets you think your spouse may be withholding from your Divorce Proceedings.

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