Halloween 2021

by Jemma Hughes

As Halloween is fast approaching, the pumpkins and decorations are gradually surfacing. It seems as though this year will be rather different in comparison to the last. Trick or treaters are at the ready with their buckets with hope to receive more sweets than last October.

Since Covid-19 restrictions have begun to lift, the pubs, nightclubs and bars are at the ready with their spooky themed events and the costumes of many Halloween fans are better than ever. Everyone has lost out on a whole year of dressing to impress and have therefore gone into this year’s Halloween with considerable effort to reclaim their lost experience that Covid-19 deprived from them.

When you think back to this time a year ago, knocking on stranger’s door was almost considered a prison sentence, however this Halloween it is definitely more morally acceptable for children to enjoy their trick or treating again. With witches’ hats, and scary masks, children are finally able to enjoy socializing with their friends and competing to get the most sweets on Sunday evening.

This year, I decided to celebrate Halloween by hand picking my pumpkin at a local pumpkin patch with my partner. We grabbed our walking boots on Saturday afternoon, drove through some country lanes, and off we went up the never-ending field of pumpkins. After half an hour, I set my sights on a large pumpkin that appeared perfect for carving. We decided that was the one for us and my partner proceeded to carry it all the way back to the car (thankfully not myself!). We are yet to decide what design we will be going for but that will keep us occupied this Halloween weekend for sure.

At Greens Solicitors, we are also celebrating Halloween this year through a pumpkin carving competition. At the Worcester office, we have teamed up together to hopefully produce an impressive pumpkin to showcase on Friday!