Greens Solicitors Goes Paperless

A lot of the time, the documents that we will print are filed on a paper file but rarely looked at again.

For many months now our solicitors have all been working through laptops and all of our correspondence is saved onto our case management software. This has the practical benefit of ensuring we do not need to carry extensive physical files with us when we go to Court.

Whilst the lockdown was in full swing, and fee earners were working from home, we all realised that we very rarely need to resort to a physical file to work on a case when everything else is dealt with electronically or saved on our case management system.

Consequently, when people did start to return to the office, Greens Solicitors took the strategic decision to trial operating paperless files for all new work that we take on. This is so far proving to be a success and we are particularly proud of how we are doing our own bit to try and help the environment as well.