We appreciate that when a relationship breaks down, this is often a very stressful and highly emotional time.  In deciding to issue divorce proceedings, we recognise this is often a difficult decision to make and therefore choosing a divorce solicitor who understands the process and can guide you through this can often help alleviate stress.  You will want to be sure that your instructing divorce solicitors that you can trust, who will offer you professional legal advice and who will ensure you are provided with the appropriate information in order to make informed decisions throughout.  

Choosing the right divorce solicitor is important and therefore we have put together this guide to assist you with this.

1. Do your Research

If you are planning on buying a new computer, car or house, you would do a bit of research beforehand. It should be no different when choosing a divorce solicitor.  Read reviews online, look for news articles, or talk to family and friends who might have experience dealing with a law firm.  This will help guide your choice. 

You should look for solicitors who specialise in divorce or civil dissolution as well the often associated financial and children areas of law, as they will be best placed to assist you.  When you go for a consultation, ask whether the solicitors are experienced in dealing with cases like yours.  

2. Establish Relationship

Use a consultation as a chance to get to know the divorce solicitor, talk about your needs, worries and concerns as it is important that you feel comfortable with them.  Your divorce solicitor will be guiding you through what is often a stressful time and will need to know a lot of information about you in order to assist you and therefore it is vital that you feel you are able to have open and honest conversations.  You might find that some solicitors you meet are not for you and if that is the case then do not rush into anything, just keep looking until you find the right solicitor for your needs. 

3. Talk about costs upfront

It can be hard to talk about money early on however this is really important.  You should get an idea of costs upfront so that you can budget accordingly. Some divorce solicitors will charge an hourly rate, billed at intervals during the process.  Others will offer a fixed fee so there are no surprises at the end.   For your own piece of mind, asks these questions from the start. 

4. Prepare for your consultation

Maximise the benefits of your initial consultation, do not leave with any unanswered questions.  Make sure you book a consultation when you have plenty of time, do not be in a rush to get anywhere so that you are able to focus completely on your meeting.  Make a note of discussions so you can refer back to this later on.  It can be hard to remember everything when presented with a wealth of information.

Your divorce solicitor will want to know some basic details, for example, marriage dates, personal and spousal income, assets, properties and pensions.  It is a good idea to prepare these in advance so you are ready to answer the above.  

If you are looking for a divorce solicitor, our specialist family law team can help.  We have achieved and maintained the high standards in family law since 2008.  If you have any questions about divorce, just get in touch.

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