Domestic Violence Victims are allowed to leave home during Coronavirus

At a time when the country is being advised to stay at home and only leave when it is ‘necessary’ as a family solicitor I am aware that whilst for the majority of us home is where we feel safe, unfortunately, that is not the position for everyone. For some people, home is where they are not safe and they suffer domestic abuse. This can be physical, emotional, psychological and the prospect of staying at home for a, currently, unspecified time is very scary.

I was pleased to read over the weekend that the home secretary, Priti Patel, has confirmed that, ‘whilst our advice is to stay at home, anyone who is at risk of, or experiencing, domestic abuse, is still able to leave and seek refuge.’

There are a number of helplines that can help a person who is suffering from domestic abuse to ensure that they are able to leave and move to a safe place. It was also confirmed that refuges are staying open say they can help people who are in need of support.

Whilst the way in which court hearings are changing, the Courts are also able to protect people from harm if needed.

Stay Safe.