DIY Divorce - What to Watch out for!

Often when parties are divorcing, they want to try and save as many costs as possible to be able to move on.

Many people, particularly with the introduction with online divorces, are choosing to ‘Do-It-Themselves’ without the assistance of any legal professionals.

Divorces are, in most cases, a paper-based exercise and it can be tempted to try and save those costs. However, proceeding with divorce proceedings, without obtaining legal advice can lead to further issues at a later stage which can cause increased costs and delays.

DIY Divorces, are not practical if there is a dispute in relation to finances, such as, pensions, property or other assets, as it is often important to know when is the right time to apply for the Decree Absolute, or if you do not know where you ex-spouse is living or they are likely to be not co-operative.

It is also often important, when choosing which facts to rely upon within the divorce petition, to obtain advice so you know what requirements need to be satisfied as these vary depending on the fact relied upon.