The idea of this appears to be to raise awareness of what is termed “ light pollution”, which viewed another way is what stops me from bumping into lampposts at night…

However, excessive lighting has an effect on wildlife, which may be as confused as the fox I saw in our back garden at 8pm yesterday when there was plenty of light.

(Helpful feeding hint: peanut butter/ jam sandwiches are popular, as well as cheap dog biscuits)

I can see the point that the constellations that you hear about with the signs of the Zodiac names, let alone chocolate bars, are difficult to see, and it would be put things in context for the sky to be clearer. This is even allowing for the sudden but entirely predictable cloud cover every time any form of planetary event takes place.

We talk about the cover of darkness as being a way of hiding covert activity, and total darkness would be chaos. Yet speaking as the bill payer, I can see the arguments for the use of less electricity where it is not needed.

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