British Summer Time Coming To An End

This Sunday officially marks the end of “British Summer Time”, so the clocks will be going back 1 hour. Thankfully, these days your phone will update itself – but you’ll still need to go around the house adjusting any old-school clocks you have, so don’t forget to do them!

Right now, we’re on British Summer Time (BST), which means the next time the clocks change, they will go 1 hour backwards, giving us a dreamy extra hour in bed.

Lucky for us Brits, this means we’ll get a slight lie-in over the weekend!

Did you know? —>

British Summer Time was adopted in Britain in 1916 to save fuel and money.

At one point, there was an experiment (between ’68 and ’71) which kept clocks one hour ahead of GMT, all year round. However, in ’72 Britain then reverted to our now familiar system of GMT in the winter and summer time in between March and October.