16th October 2023 is Boss’s Day, also known as National Boss’s Day.

It is an annual observance that gives employees the opportunity to appreciate and show gratitude to supervisors or their employers. It is a date in the calendar to say thank you for their leadership, guidance and support and to recognise the contributions they make to make our work place a positive environment.

At Greens Solicitors we are grateful to our bosses, Julie Maguire and Khizar Hyatt for all that they do, the support they offer to us all and the lovely offices they provide.

It is said that your people are your greatest asset. I agree, It is the people within that make a business a success but importantly, it is the bosses that employ the people in the first place that contribute to that success. Together that is what makes Greens Solicitors such a lovely place to work.

Thank you to our Bosses!