Balancing full-time work and studying

by Jemma Hughes

My name is Jemma and I am one of the Legal Assistants at our Worcestershire Office. I work full time in our Care department, whilst also studying my LPC part-time at Birmingham City University. As you can imagine, it can be rather difficult balancing full-time work and studying such an intense course.

The Legal Practice Course is designed to cover all core aspects of law and also allows you to focus on niche areas that you may wish to specialise in. I have so far studied 5 modules from September to December, including Business Law, Solicitors Accounts, Professional Conduct Regulations, Writing and Professional Legal Research. This semester my studies now include Family Law, Taxation, Wills and Administration and Drafting.

I take part in seminars from 6-9 pm twice a week whereby I engage fully with the practical aspects of the course. I also spend several hours on a weekend drafting up notes and revision in preparation for those all-important exams that come at the end of each semester. I am particularly enjoying studying Family Law and am able to get my teeth into the legal side of the subject. I currently work in the Care department and therefore have had a ‘head start in class, being able to contribute the majority of answers.

At times, it can be extremely challenging to balance a full-time job in what can be a stressful environment, as well as a part-time course that demands so much from you. However, I always have mental health at the forefront of my mind and ensure that we lawyers have time for ourselves as well as our work/studies!