Applying for a Divorce Online

by Emma Browne

There is a relatively new system which allows divorce petitions to now be completed online. Solicitors are given access to an online portal to progress the case and upload documents. As a firm we are taken aback with the efficiency!

For people who apply for a divorce on paper we were finding some divorce units are currently working on a 12 week turn around on receipt of an application for Decree Nisi. However, with this online portal we are receiving responses within 7 days which greatly reduces the stress of this difficult process.

Respondents to divorces are now also able to respond via the portal, which again makes the process much quicker. Divorces should now be concluded within a 6 month period, which will mean people can move with their lives far quicker.

If you require any advice in relation to a divorce, please contact us on 0121 233 2042. For a straight forward divorce we do offer a payment plan to assist with fees.