What application should I make to the Family Court in respect of my children?

by Monica Lal

The experience of making an application to the Court can be a daunting. Understandably, most individuals do not know where to begin or what they are seeking when making an application to Court.

The Family Court is available in circumstance where parents are unable to resolve matters amongst themselves, which could be down to a number of reasons. You may have already tried mediation and feel you have no other option but to seek the assistance of the Family Court.

When applying to the Family Court you will need to begin with form C100, either a paper copy or online version are appropriate.

The C100 form will ask you to identify what Court Orders you are seeking. A summary of the various Court Orders are set out as follows:

Child Arrangements Order (live with) – This regulates with whom the child will live.

Child Arrangements Order (spend time with) – This regulates who the child will spend time with and how often that will be.

Prohibited Steps Order – This will prevent an parent from exercising an aspect of their parental responsibility i.e. to take the child overseas or to prevent them from being removed from your care or their school.

Specific Issue Order – This will permit you to exercise an aspect of your parental responsibility in the event both parents cannot agree i.e. to change a child’s name.

Once you have selected the Court Orders you seek based on your specific concerns, you will need to complete the remainder of the C100 form with basic details and to include further information on the circumstances of your case.

You are almost ready to submit your application but don’t forget to complete the accompanying C1A form if you are raising allegations of harm against the other parent.

You will need to pay a Court fee to submit the C100 application. In the event you are on a low income complete form EX160 to see if you are eligible for help with fees.

If you need further information of guidance contact Monica Lal on 0121 233 2042 or alternative you can contact by email to monica.lal@greenssolicitors.org.