Adjusting to the current circumstances

by Rachel McCarthy, admin assistant to David Sheldon and Nikita Dhindsa

In response to the current events, a lot of us now find ourselves working from our living rooms which to some may be quite different to what we have come to expect from the average day at work as we no longer travel to a place of work or have the same everyday interactions with colleagues.

Now being a few weeks into working from home I’ve found that assuming your normal, or somewhat normal, an everyday routine is key to having as productive a day as possible in not allowing the change in environment and circumstance have an impact on going about your day to day tasks.

Communication during times of remote working has also proved to be important, not solely just for the purpose of staying informed in terms of how cases are progressing but also for the social interaction that we may now be lacking throughout the day.

Of course, there may be times in which we feel unmotivated or struggle to remain positive, in which it is important to remember that this won’t last forever but we must try to get the most out of every day and do the best we can given the circumstances.