A year on

by Rachel McCarthy
Admin assistant to David Sheldon & Nikita Dhindsa

I started working at Greens now over a year ago as someone new to the legal profession, now upon reflecting on the last year what was once a daunting experience has paved the way for growth, both personally and in my career.

I had left school and not unlike many others at that age, fresh out of exams with a new set qualifications but confused as to what to apply them to, I found myself at a loss for what to do next as I watched all my friends head off to university with a clear idea of what their future was to entail. I however chose to take a few months out to consider what my next steps would be and what path I wanted to choose for myself. It was then later that I learnt of an opportunity at Greens.

The nerves of the first day soon subsided upon being greeted by an office full of people who welcomed me to the team.

It was then not long until I was assigned a team of my own whom I was to work alongside and who since have contributed significantly to my ever developing knowledge and have helped me to carry out tasks that although will sometimes challenge me are something I would have never have had the confidence to do before I started at Greens!

Looking back now I have no regrets about not going to university, about not choosing a course I didn’t want to do because it was the easier option or because it was what was to be expected of a post A-level student. Instead, choosing to go straight into the world of work, (as scary as it may have been at the time) has given me confidence I’d never had before, experience so much more valuable than anything that could ever be taught from a textbook and a head start in what I hope will be a successful career!

It just goes to show that being young and new to something doesn’t have to be an obstacle preventing you from getting to where you want to be.