52 weeks ago today… Pt. III

This is my last blog reflecting on 52 weeks ago today …..

Still home working with uncertainty about the future, 9am Cobra meeting with Will and Skype meetings with the Team. We had another birthday so more home banners were made. A Rota was now in place for the support team in Birmingham to attend the office once a week.

As I reflected in my first post we are lucky going from strength to strength as a business but I am sad for all those businesses who won’t make it.

We have continued relentlessly to ensure our clients cases ran as smoothly as possible and justice was seen to be done.

Today we continue working in our two very separate bubbles with one week in the office one week home working, all staff have lateral flow tests twice a week and all other government guidance is adhered to ensuring Greens is a Covid safe place to work.

I however could not have done any of this without the support of my Team and I would like to close this post by saying thank you to them all.