William Ham

Head of Private Law

I lead the Family Law Department at Green’s Solicitors and I am continually impressed by the team’s ability to work hard within a very friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We are a modern practice that is growing all the time, and I firmly believe that this environment can help to bring the best out of all our staff without compromising what really matters – delivering excellent legal services to people often at their most vulnerable.

I have practised as a solicitor for a number of years, my experience is predominantly within the family law sector. I particularly enjoy making a positive difference to my clients and their lives. I am instructed on all kinds of relationship issues (including divorces, separations, pre and post nuptial agreements), and my practice also covers disputes and matters concerning children.

I am sensitive to the needs of all my clients, acting on behalf of a wide range of individuals from professionals, and business owners, to the elderly and people of a lower income. I pride myself on my pragmatic approach, and I will always strive to advise clients on what is best for them, rather than what they simply want to hear.

Working in family law means my professional life is rarely 9 – 5, but in my spare time I enjoy travelling, music and sport. I am also a father and stepfather to three girls.

"I have practised as a solicitor for a number of years, my experience is predominantly within the family law sector. I particularly enjoy making a positive difference to my client’s and their lives."
William Ham
Head of Private Law

FAQs From William Ham

How do I get the best from my lawyer?

Your solicitor will be entrusted with various pieces of information about you and your life; often they will get to learn more information about you than your doctor and bank manager. Therefore it is absolutely crucial that your relationship with them “works” and that you have trust and confidence in them and their ability. Your solicitor is not there to be a mouthpiece for you, but is there to advise and represent you. Mutual respect is the key to this relationship succeeding in helping you deal with the situation you are faced with.

How much will it cost?

This really is a “how long is a piece of string” question that tends to generate the response “it depends”! At Greens we charge on an hourly rate for our services, so the longer and more complicated it is, then the costlier it can be. Our hourly rates vary depending on the experience and seniority of our solicitors. However it goes without saying that the more the parties are able to talk to each other and limit the amount of work their lawyers do, then the cheaper it will be for the clients. We do offer a fixed price service for divorces, and our typical estimates for other work are very competitive for the area.

What should I expect?

Whilst we cannot predict the future, you can expect a highly dedicated and hard working team to represent you.

How long will it take?

As with the cost of the matter, it is often hard to say how long your case will take. Divorces typically take around 6 months to complete, financial cases and children matters often about the same. Occasionally you will find some matters will take longer to complete, and if this happens then we will discuss it with our clients first and give a revised time estimate.


Will you keep me informed on progress made and if so how?

We are always available to advise on the progress of each matter we are instructed on. Our files are reviewed regularly and we are client lead about how we communicate: letter, email, phone call or even text message!


Can you guarantee I will be successful in my case?

It is counter productive to have the concept of “winners and losers” in family problems, and I tend to avoid approaching my cases with this mindset. What I can guarantee is that our team will give their very best level of service having regard to our clients’ needs and requirements on both an operational and strategic level.


What do you like most about working for Greens?

I have been very fortunate to have worked in a range of different legal environments in my career, but what I like most about Greens is the fact that everyone is extremely hard working and teamwork is crucial to how we operate. We are a modern firm, and I believe our friendly and professional attitude to each other extends to how we represent our clients.

Why should I bring my case to you?

We are the first to recognise that the legal services market is very competitive, and clients often have a number of different firms they would consider instructing. This competitiveness drives us to do the best we can at what we practise in. We are an experienced and dynamic team which is one of our strengths, so you can be sure that you have the right lawyer for you.