Aimee Baker


I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to work within the Family department at Greens solicitors. Greens have an extremely experienced team who support one another and work together as a team.

I obtained my Law degree from De Montfort University. I went on to study my Legal Practice Course at Leicester Legal Institute and completed my training contract at a competitive high street firm and professional skills course at University of Law, Birmingham; qualifying as a Solicitor in October 2017. I have specialised in family law since completing my Law degree in 2013 and have worked on a variety of cases including matters concerning child arrangements to include contact and residence disputes, non molestation orders, occupation orders, prohibited steps orders, child protection conferences, pre proceedings and care proceedings.

I specialise in all area of family law with a particular focus on matters concerning child protection, pre proceedings, Care Proceedings, Contact with children in care and Special Guardianship orders.

I currently volunteer for the National Youth Advocacy service as an Independent Visitor working with children in care. I also work alongside with Brake road safety charity and other charities such as In my spare time I like to exercise by attending my local gym, I enjoy running and yoga, socialising with family and friends, countryside walks, watching movies and reading.

My primary focus is the needs and interests of my client. I strive to provide my clients with the best client care service. I take an open and honest approach when working with my clients and will always do my very best to go over and above to try and meet my clients needs; aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for my client. I am very approachable, communicative and dedicated. I will always endeavour to offer you firm advice explaining all of your options and the pros and cons of your case to allow you to give informed instructions.

My future career aspirations are to qualify as a trained mediator and obtain my children panel accreditation.

"I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to work within the Family department at Greens solicitors. Greens have an extremely experienced team who support one another and work together as a team. "
Aimee Baker

FAQs From Aimee Baker

How do I get the best from my lawyer?

Be open and honest and always maintain a frequent level of communication to keep up to date with your matter. It is important to share everything with your lawyer to ensure you get clear and concise advice.


How much will it cost?

This will depend on what type of matter you require advice about. You may be eligible for non means and non merits tested legal aid if your matter concerns care proceedings which means you will not have to pay your legal fees. However, if your matter concerns private law proceedings then you are not automatically eligible for legal aid and therefore you will have to be assessed for legal aid by one of our team. We will always be clear about costs and our fees from the outset of any matter allowing you to make an informed decision.

What should I expect?

You can expect a professional, client focused, efficient service. You will be given clear advice and will have the opportunity to consider your options before making a decision. You will be kept informed about your matter where possible at all times.

How long will it take?

Timescales vary depending on the type of matter however, most family cases especially matters concerning children will try to conclude within 26 weeks (6 months). Unfortunately, similarly with costs estimates, timescales can differ as and when complex issues arise which means that timescales can vary. We will always endeavour to keep you updated regarding timescales throughout your matter.

Will you keep me informed on progress made and if so how?

You will be kept up to date about the progress of your matter from the beginning to conclusion. As a lawyer, I am usually in court frequently therefore will endeavour to keep you informed about the progress of your matter even if remotely. I aim to be as flexible as possible to suit the clients needs and commitments and will be contactable by telephone, text, email, in person and by post.

Can you guarantee I will be successful in my case?

There is never any guarantee that you will be successful in your case. With many matters being before the court, any decisions are out of the hands of your lawyer. The decision is always made by the Judge. It is very important to understand that your lawyer will act on your instructions and will give advice about your options to enable you to make an informed decision. Your lawyer will always advise you on the prospects of success throughout your matter as and when evidence is received.

What do you like most about working for Greens?

The team are very experienced, dedicated, friendly and committed to offering an effective client care service. At Greens we adopt a ‘family’ type atmosphere where everyone looks out for one another and works together as a team which demonstrates the importance of working together to achieve the best results for our clients.

Why should I bring my case to you?

I will always go over and above for my clients, working hard to achieve the best outcome. I will work together with my client to prepare, assist and represent them throughout their matter ensuring they understand the legal process and their options. I will always keep you updated on the progress of your matter.