Mediation - A cost effective solution to resolving matters following separation

I have written before about the many advantages of using mediation to resolve disputes regarding children and/or financial settlement following separation, including mediation being a cost effective and efficient way of achieving resolution.

Here at Greens Mediation Services we have been able to maintain our fees, without increase, for the past 5 years, however, we have recently had to reflect on this and introduce a fee increase. Despite this, Greens continue to offer a fantastic value for money service. The average total cost of resolving child related matters is approximately £550 per person, based on an initial individual discussion with a mediator and three 60 minute mediation meetings. The cost of using a solicitor in court proceedings relating to children is over £5,000 and often considerably more. The average cost of resolving financial disputes in mediation, including any outstanding child related matters, is approximately £1,100 per person. This is based on an initial individual discussion with a mediator, three 90 minute mediation meetings and drafting the documents detailing the financial situation and the decisions made. The cost of using a solicitor in court proceedings relating to financial settlement is over £10,000 and again often considerably more.

It is also worth noting that those on low incomes may be eligible for legal aid to cover the cost of mediation and the Government continues to offer a family mediation voucher scheme, providing a contribution of up to £500 per case, to assist with costs where the mediation includes outstanding child related matters.

As mediation is a less expensive and less stressful alternative to court, it allows people to keep control of their own decision making and is successful in over 70% of cases, I continue to support and encourage the use of mediation as a valuable and effective means of dispute resolution.