There are certain “milestones” in each year that we look forward to in the diary.

Christmas, birthdays, the annual summer holiday to the seaside or somewhere more exotic. Father’s Day is another day that has become a very important date in the calendar for many people, and is almost as popular now as Mother’s Day is earlier in the year.

Father’s Day normally falls around the middle of June every year and this year it will be on Sunday 17th June (this Sunday). People will mark Father’s Day in different ways – some will send their father a card or maybe a present like a bottle of wine or a pair of slippers; for others it presents an opportunity to gather together as a family to catch up on childhood memories, maybe over a pub lunch.

However, some children are not able to see their fathers on Father’s Day for one reason or another which can cause tremendous upset and stress for children and the adults involved.

As a Family Solicitor I am often instructed to advise on all elements of child arrangements for separated parents. When agreeing the terms of Child Arrangements Orders at Court or simply preparing a written agreement of the contact arrangements I will invariably ensure that both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are covered as I understand how important these days are for parent and child alike.

The law will always look at what is considered to be in the children’s best interest, and there is a presumption (albeit one that can be rebutted) that it is always going to be better for a child to have a relationship with both their parents – this can include seeing their dad on Father’s Day.

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William Ham
Head of Family Department