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"Relationship breakdown affects all of us, if you have recently separated, or are considering it please contact one of our experts for advice on what your options are."

Greens Divorce Solicitors Birmingham can help you in cases involving divorce and separation.
At Greens, our specialist family law solicitors Birmingham are able to guide you through the divorce process.

This is the process to formally end your marriage or civil partnership. You need to show the Court your marriage has irretrievably broken down. The process usually takes 6 months to conclude and is normally carried out on a specialist on-line portal.

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Cohabitation Disputes

How Greens Solicitors Can Help

There is no such thing in English law as a ‘common law marriage’. Property disputes between separating couples who are not married are governed by civil law remedies. At Greens our specialist family law solicitors Birmingham are able to advise you on your rights and take proceedings on your behalf, where appropriate, to establish your interest in property which is owned jointly or solely by your former partner.

Where there are children we can, through the Schedule 1 of The Children Act in certain cases help you to obtain child maintenance over and above a Child Support Assessment in the case of high earning non-resident parents and also settlements of property. If you are a non-resident parent we can help you to protect assets to ensure that your child is provided for while a minor without impacting on your residual wealth.

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