Mrs Brown, Bromsgrove
Greens Solicitors were very professional in assisting me with my divorce, I could not have got through it without them.

Mr Draper, Leamington Spa
A big thank you to Greens Mediation for the smooth but professional manner in which my case was handled.  This was also much cheaper than going to court.

Mr Rafiq, Birmingham
Khizar Hyatt saved me from losing my licence and keeping my job.  Thank you

Mrs X, Birmingham
Greens Solicitors helped me fight Birmingham City Council to save my children being wrongfully taken into care.  Thank you to everyone who worked on my case.

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Vulnerable Adults and Court Proceedings

This month an important new family practice direction has been issued which is aimed at vulnerable adults and their participation in Court Proceedings. The aim of the practice direction is to enable parties to participate fully in Court Proceedings either as active participants or witnesses when, for whatever reason, they are vulnerable, either through being […]

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