Matthew Saunderson

Trainee Solicitor

Matthew is a Trainee Solicitor currently undergoing his final seat in the Family Law Department.

Matthew began his career in Family Law as a paralegal at a leading Birmingham Law Firm in 2015. He has since completed the GDL and LPC at the University of Law and began training with Greens Solicitors in 2017.

During his time at Greens Solicitors Matthew has gained experienced from seats in the Care team, Criminal team and Mediation department and maintains a passion for Family Law. He brings with him the skills and experience from being involved in the Birmingham Legal market since 2012 including other areas of law and at other firms. Matthew combines his experience with his calm manner and work ethic to ensure that he achieves the best possible outcome for each client.

Matthew works in the Family Law Team and regularly represents clients in Family Law Act applications, including Non Molestation Orders, and Private Law cases including Child Arrangement Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and Financial matters.

Matthew is also a member of Resolution and sits on the YRes committee in the West Midlands, helping to develop family lawyers in the region.

"I have a genuine passion for Family Law and real life issues and will ensure that you are given the suitable and practical advice. I will ensure that I give you the right guidance in relatable, understandable, real-world terms."
Matthew Saunderson
Trainee Solicitor

FAQ’s From Matthew Saunderson

How do I get the best from my lawyer?

We are here to represent you on the issue that matters most in your life, often we will need to discuss very personal and private matters and it is essential that your lawyer understands you and your experiences, so be prepared to be open, honest and upfront about your experiences, as these will provide us with an understanding of how and why events have occurred.

How much will it cost?

All costs vary depending on the type of legal advice you require and what you are seeking, I will always tell you my anticipated costs up front and want to ensure that you have the best service and experience.

What should I expect?

Legal proceedings can be very difficult and stressful and it is very important that you are as prepared for this as possible. Ensuring your wellbeing is our priority and you can expect a top level of client service and support throughout this challenging time.

How long will it take?

Most straightforward family matters typically conclude between 6 and 12 months, however this can be longer depending on complexity and other issues. I will keep you updated and informed throughout the process.

Will you keep me informed on progress made and if so how?

My priority is to ensure that your legal needs are being met, this includes both the level of service and the speed at which matters can be concluded. I understand that these issues can be very stressful and draining and will ensure that you are kept updated and informed throughout. I can keep you updated via phone, text, email, letters and face to face meetings, to suit you.

Can you guarantee I will be successful in my case?

Each client has different goals and aims and although I cannot guarantee ‘success’, I will ensure that you are given the best possible advice and a practical approach to achieving your aims.

What do you like most about working for Greens?

Greens Solicitors is a firm which has the benefit of youth and experience. It has grown year on year since 2008 and continues to make an impact in the Midlands legal circuit and further afield. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to work with ambitious and experienced colleagues and to take on greater and greater challenges as the firm grows in size and stature.

Why should I bring my case to you?

Greens Solicitors offers you superior client service combined with legal experience and a passion for the law. We are passionate about getting you the very best possible outcome and helping resolve the issue you need help with.