Family Mediation Procedure

Greens Family Mediation Services can provide the following:

The Role of the Mediator    
Is about making sure everyone in the room has a voice. Mediation is about having a discussion on topics that people need to come to agreement on while at the same time meeting as many of the needs and interests of all parties as possible.
When we are in the centre of a family storm, our logic and reasoning can go right out of the window. When it comes to family, all of our civility can disappear and we may say hurtful, mean, vindictive things to one another. This does not leave room for open, honest, sincere communication.

As a family mediator, our role is to provide impartial, neutral support for all the parties involved. We can facilitate your discussion and help the parties stay on track so that they can work through each of the items they came to talk about and come to agreements with more focus and ease.

Whether you are in the middle of a family conflict and recognise that you need assistance, or you feel that your family could use some professional guidance to help and important family discussion stay focused, then get in touch to find out if Greens Family Mediation Services are right for you:

Here to help

Should there be a language barrier, we can provide an interpretor, however we do have an Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi speaking mediator.

We can also provide shuttle mediation if necessary should the other party not wish to be in the same room. We also have individual waiting room facilities.

Pros & cons of Mediation compared to court proceedings    

Cons of Court Proceedings

  • Lengthy and time consuming
  • Judges have little time to hear the details of your divorce case, Scheduling dates between courts & litigants cause expensive delays.
  • You may only get limited time to tell the court about your case.
  • Unpredictable outcomes
  • You may have to make decisions about your own divorce settlement in a split second in a crowded hallway.
  • No confidentiality – all court files are public records.
  • Soon they will be available online.
  • Costly – Each hour your lawyer spends waiting, you pay, even if no progress on your case is made.
  • Stress and pressure
  • Courts by their adversarial nature encourage combat, which is not conductive to a healthy family life after the legal divorce proceedings are over.

Pros of Mediation

  • You determine the time schedule and issues.
  • You control the mediation cost, which is usually about 1/10th to 1/3rd of the cost of a typical divorce case.
  • You make the decisions that you will be living with.
  • You have the flexibility in mediation of taking time to consider how a decision will affect your family long term.
  • You can try out agreements before you sign the final Divorce Agreement.
  • Mediation is confidential.
  • You control the outcome in Mediation, and because of this, agreements made in mediation typically work better than those negotiated in the courthouse hallway minutes before a hearing.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Faster.
  • Less stressful.
  • Healthier for you and your family, since part of mediation is learning to communicate better, which is especially important when children are involved.

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